Monday, October 22, 2012

Phone or Tablet? ( I would prefer Phoblet !!!)

Don't surprise !!! Like it's word of alien world. Most of people who wants to buy smartphone or had a smartphone know something about "Phoblet".


Some other words also poeple use for it like phablet, phonetablet, tabphone ......etc........
But the concept is, size of Phoblet is bigger than any normal phone which looks like tablet & works like smartphone.

Big size means more space to work, but it is quite heavy than phone. can't use like normal phone, can't put directly to ear, must need wired or bluetooth earphone. But with that use internet, games, application, document, ebooks works nice with that. screen is bigger which means typing is also comfortable.

Characteristics of Phoblet :
Screen size : must be > 5" or at least 5".
Processor : needs do faster because more pixels are covered. (min. 1 GHz. dual core)
Memory : 16 GB at least.
All kind of connectivity.
Phone facility is priority.

Why it is needed?

More people ask about this, Why it is needed? it is for the person who is sitting at top position in management or who just trying to show off with bigger phone. Normal people don't need this device.
Here it is depend on your uses. Most of normal people use both internet & phone at same time & data.
They need a phonebook but also need facebook, they wants chatting also wants to do tweeting. they wants make their notes also prepare documents too. Peoples in simple language need both phone & laptop in single device. So, why not take larger screen with higher processor? why select 4" screen smartphone & 14" screen laptop too. Just why don't select 7" samsung galaxy Tab 2. Your both purpose can solve in single device.

Don't hyper "what you are saying man?" this can't be possible. it's possible, just look at processors which we are used in laptop are not more than 3.0 GHz clocked they works good in desktop than laptop, we know that. Games all high end graphic games we don't play on laptop, some of them we can't play on laptop. Here, company like EA gives all it's best sellers on phone. which is better, think again.

In today's world we live with four devices Desktop, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphones. Well Phoblet has potential to resolve it to just 2. Desktop & Phoblet. it is combination of laptop, tablet & smartphone.
After thatc if you missing your sweet little laptop than you have solution which is also cheaper & futuristic.

Asus padphone, Motorola lapdock & HD dock.

In this kind of devices both laptop & phone is included.

Models & links which you will interested.

Asus Padphone & Asus Padphone 2

Motorola Droid Razr

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2   7.0" & 10.1"

Samsung Galaxy Note

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