Monday, October 22, 2012

Phone or Tablet? ( I would prefer Phoblet !!!)

Don't surprise !!! Like it's word of alien world. Most of people who wants to buy smartphone or had a smartphone know something about "Phoblet".


Some other words also poeple use for it like phablet, phonetablet, tabphone ......etc........
But the concept is, size of Phoblet is bigger than any normal phone which looks like tablet & works like smartphone.

Big size means more space to work, but it is quite heavy than phone. can't use like normal phone, can't put directly to ear, must need wired or bluetooth earphone. But with that use internet, games, application, document, ebooks works nice with that. screen is bigger which means typing is also comfortable.

Characteristics of Phoblet :
Screen size : must be > 5" or at least 5".
Processor : needs do faster because more pixels are covered. (min. 1 GHz. dual core)
Memory : 16 GB at least.
All kind of connectivity.
Phone facility is priority.

Why it is needed?

More people ask about this, Why it is needed? it is for the person who is sitting at top position in management or who just trying to show off with bigger phone. Normal people don't need this device.
Here it is depend on your uses. Most of normal people use both internet & phone at same time & data.
They need a phonebook but also need facebook, they wants chatting also wants to do tweeting. they wants make their notes also prepare documents too. Peoples in simple language need both phone & laptop in single device. So, why not take larger screen with higher processor? why select 4" screen smartphone & 14" screen laptop too. Just why don't select 7" samsung galaxy Tab 2. Your both purpose can solve in single device.

Don't hyper "what you are saying man?" this can't be possible. it's possible, just look at processors which we are used in laptop are not more than 3.0 GHz clocked they works good in desktop than laptop, we know that. Games all high end graphic games we don't play on laptop, some of them we can't play on laptop. Here, company like EA gives all it's best sellers on phone. which is better, think again.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Moblie Phones: "The Inside Job"

At this festival season, new grand mobile exchange is available!!!

All kind of mobile available here, ICS 4.0 upgrade also available here!!!

Take maximum value of your old phone & buy new android!!!

What you read at mobile shops? 4.0" display, ICS, 1GHz processor (quite cool), blah blah blah............

Just go into mall and pick up new phone (just like ticking). HTC, Samsung, LG, Sony & new generation Micromax...........What would you buy?

I am writing this because i am facing this problem since 1 month (dated 26-sep, 2012). In India, Specially in Ahmedabad. No shopper has knowledge of mobile's actual configuration. (I can speak in front of them & i did it, too). Which one is good or better i can't throw this question on salesman.( i am salesman, too but not of mobile phones)

So, what can we do. Just go to gsmarena or flipkart or wikipedia(!!!) and compare these phones to each other. Ask yourself it is really useful for you? (except prices) Any technical information is useful to buy new phone? You pick a model of samsung & ask about the market (to your friend), annd of course they say "ya it's good but few more thousands & you can also buy this phone which has really good functionality" & we became confused (some people calls it is stress)

So, finally i do all this things, & know the whole concept about selling product to a "confused customer".

May be this article became useful to you. Caution: Valid upto new models are not launched.

1. First thing first : Money

                                       Actually it comes last.

2. Processor

Ya, if you use nokia "n series" or samsung "bada os" phone. you are using ARM processor which is production of arm corp. The higher version of this arm processors are called "Cortex". Most of new android phone has this Cortex processor. which also have different versions. A5, A7, A8, A9, .............

This is same processors which used in Apple devices. Iphone 2, 3, 3S, 4, 4S, 5..................All the models have these arm processors. and of course 

A5 < A7 < A8 < A9

OK, So phone has A9 processor it's better then all others. Now one other thing it's single core or dual core? Well, of course dual core is better. Now 1Ghz is better then 800 Mhz. & 1Ghz dual core Qualcomm is better then 1 GHz. So, eq. is 

600 MHz < 800 MHz < 1 GHz < 1 GHz dual core < 1.x GHz (/dual core)

this is basic need processors. which we seen in market with mid-range phones. & ya of course if you want to use ICS 4.0 (Ice-Cream Sandwich 4.0 Android) phone must be 1 GHz, A7 processor or higher.

Game is not end here,  This is just a processor. It can't work without instruction set & other peripherals just like motherboard in PC. Which is developed by "Qualcomm". Qualcomm has architecture named "Snapdragon" it also has version v1, v2, v3, v4........................

Sanpdragon v1 < v2 < v3 < v4  

Which phone has best processor & architecture : 

Iphone 4S - Sanpdragon v4, Cortex A9, 1.x GHz dual core                          around 40,000/-

Samsung Galaxy S III - Sanpdragon v4, Cortex A9, 1.x GHz dual core     around 38,000/-

Samsung Galaxy S II - Snapdragon v3, Cortex A8, 1 GHz dual core         around 30,000/-

Sony Xperia S - Sanpdragon v3, Cortex A8, 1.xGHz dual core                   around 28,000/-

HTC One X -  Sanpdragon v3, Cortex A8, 1.xGHz dual core                     aound 25,000/-

Sony Xperia Sola/U -  Sanpdragon v2, Cortex A7, 1GHz dual core          19,000/- / 13,000/-

Micromax Ninja A100 -  Sanpdragon v2, Cortex A7, 1GHz dual core      9,500/-

3. RAM & Internal Memory

                                           This is my most exciting area of study because it's change your buying option when you choose particular  model. Take example of Sony Xperia Series.

All model has RAM 512 MB

Sony Xperia Tipo : Internal Memory - 2.5 GB, memory slot upto 32 GB                    10,000/-

Sony Xperia U : Internal Memory - 8 GB ( 4GB for user), No memory card slot        13,000/-

Sony Xperia Neo L : Internal Memory - 301 MB, memory slot upto 32 GB               17,000/- 

Sony Xperia GO : Internal Memory - 8 GB, memory slot upto 32 GB                        18,000/-

Sony Xperia Sola : Internal Memory - 8 GB, memory slot upto 32 GB                       19,000/-

Sony Xperia P : Internal Memory - 8 GB, memory slot upto 32 GB also 1GB RAM  22,000/-  

Tell me which one you buy? Xperia Sola/U/P has Dual core 1 GHz processor other has Single core 1 GHz processor.

Same thing you should see in Samsung, HTC, LG. Samsung has ace, s, y, also in dual Sims. HTC has desire & one series. in those x,v,s,c. What would you buy?

Answer is What's your needs?  more music, more movies, more pictures get extra memory card no need to use internal memoy. But you need more apps from play store, more games you must have more internal memory because apps can't run smoothly from memory card.


For info ICS 4.0 can run with 512 RAM or higher.

4. Display

                Here comes most twist-able decision because when you select a phone with with higher processor, ram, memory & you find out display is 3.5" holy crap!!! now what? You actually think Company has to design according to user configuration devices. Sony Xperia U (my favorite one) has a same problem. it has processor & RAM which is in 22,000 phone but display is 3,5" & also no extra memory card slot.

just forgot that phone right now, 4 kind of displays are available TFT, LCD, LED, AMOLED.

well it's use for contrast. you are in day light in middle of the market. then in phone you need to contrast that in the light can see phone's screen perfectly. best result is shown in AMOLED. if phone has this screen forget all other display fector like ppi, color display or resolution........but if it's not then need to be understand which one is better.




We all know about VGA (640X 480 ) resolution. different relational resolution is used in phone which are like QVGA (320 X 240), HVGA (480 X 420), WVGA (800 X 480), FWVGA (854 X 480). resolution is higher image is shown more accurate. also needs more processing power. 


ppi : part per inch How many pixles are in one square inch area is called ppi. Higher ppi is good for Display.

5. All Other Factors


  • higher version of android is better than older.


  • Interface of different devices are just software, it can't change hardware. So, Samsung, HTC, LG, Sony. All of them use same hardware which described here, they only change interface Timewise or Touchwiz or sense whatever they called. also change in material of outer body of mobile, camera, speaker, wifi, Bluetooth, modem, etc. but processor, RAM, Display are one of described here.


  • For Games crazy people. There are 3 Graphic interface is available Adreno, Mali, SGX. Most of mobile phone comes with Adreno, Mali is outdated, SGX is product of Samsung,but they only use in higher version of Samsung products and licensing to apple. their versions writen with numbers. e.g. adreno 200, adreno 205, adreno 220, mali 400, SGX 530, SGX 540. Higher number is better. 

  • Sensors: 

  1. Accelerometer - linear movement  of mobile for auto rotate screen.

  2. Gyrometer - same as Accelerometer for auto rotate screen but works better than accelerometer.

  3. Proximity Sensor - when you put phone near to ear screen will be turned off beacuse of it.

  4. Compass - Point out north direction.

 Which one is best?

  1. Snapdragon v4/v3, 1.7/1.5 GHz Dual Core, Cortex A9 with 4.7/4.3" screen, AMOLED, 1 GB RAM, 8/16/32 GB memory, SGX 540/adreno 220 GPU.

                                                                    Android 4.0 supported

                                                                    This configuration not come under 25,000 RS. 

  • Then, Snapdragon v3/v2, 1.2/1.0 GHz Dual Core. Cortex A7/A8, 3.5/4.0/4.3" screen,  AMOLED/LED, 1 GB/512 MB RAM, 4/8 GB memory, SGX 530/adreno 210/adreno 205 GPU.

                                                                    Android 4.0 supported

                                                                    This configuration range 15,000 to 25,000 RS.

  • at last, Snapdragon v2/v3, 800 MHz/1 GHz Single Core, Cortex A7/A5, 3.0/3.5/4.0" screen, LCD/TFT/LED, 512 MB RAM, 2/4 GB memory, adreno 200 GPU

                                                                    Android 4.0 supported

                                                                    This configuration range 8,000 to 15,000 RS.

So, if you find model Less then this prices with higher configuration, it must be on your watch list.